Now available: Colored mugs, foam boards and brushed aluminum prints

Colored mugs, foam boards, and brushed aluminum prints are now available for customization! Adding new products to your ecommerce store can help you meet - and expand - the needs of your customers. Showcase new and inspiring designs to stay "top of mind" and drive demand for the next time they go online shopping, and build long-term relationships that will make your business more profitable in the long run.

Your customers will love it when you wow them with these new additions:

Colored mugs

Add your choice of design and images to five new coloured mugs! The 11oz ceramic mug has a white customizable exterior, with a colored interior and handle available in red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Foam boards

Foam boards provide a lightweight yet extremely durable material for your designs - great for posters, advertising displays, event promotion, and much more. The new foam boards are available in a variety of sizes with a black or white core, and come with a wall hanging kit - perfect for wall art!

Brushed Aluminum Prints

These prints are a perfect medium to display your unique designs, as the brushed grain gives texture, depth, and makes bright colors pop - giving wall art the “wow” factor. Available in white metallic and brushed aluminum, metallic prints are offered in a variety of sizes and come with a hanging kit.

New global wall art sizes

We have simplified your user experience and made wall art sizes easier across the globe. Choose sizing without thinking about the complexity of inches vs. centimeters, or the global region and shipping destination for your customers.

Start expanding your ecommerce store and design new products today!

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