Sell, create and deliver frames on-demand

“Would you like to have that with a frame?” Many customers who buy wall art do. Gelato now offers on-demand production and delivery of frames and hangers to ecommerce sellers.

When we expand our portfolio of personalized products we help creators and global brands do the same. For resellers who are selling wall art, being able to offer frames to your customers can help double their basket size and increase sales," says CEO and founder of Gelato Henrik Müller-Hansen.

Meet customer demand and grow your business

Jort Kamphuis and Wessel Groenendijk started their wall art business Your Film Poster in January this year. They quickly realized that when people buy posters, they usually also have them framed.

“Frames and hangers are essential products in the wall art sector, and they complement our existing products. Several of our customers started asking for them, but managing a physical product can be challenging, especially for a small business like ours,” says Kamphuis.

Why Gelato?

“We want to give entrepreneurs, creators, and global resellers access to our network - reaching 5 billion people overnight with local production and distribution. For the consumers it means faster and short delivery, lower costs and of course less pollution. When I sometimes get asked - why Gelato? My answer is because Gelato is smarter, faster and greener. Who does not want that?” says Müller-Hansen.

More than 80 local fulfilment centres worldwide

Our print-on-demand platform takes care of everything from when an order is placed until it reaches the end customer, including payments, inventory, customer service and import processes. This enables resellers to focus their time and money on growing their business.

“Fast and reliable delivery of a large selection of personalized products to our customers can mean the difference between a sale, a reorder, and ultimately a positive review to channel more customers. Because Gelato produces most of our products locally, we know that they arrive safe, and on time,” says Groenendijk.

What’s up next?

This fall we are entering the realm of apparel, enabling ecommerce sellers to create personalized hoodies, t-shirts and other garments on-demand through the Gelato network. Acrylic and metal prints have also been added to the product portfolio. Stay tuned for more details.