Gelato adds clothing to the world’s largest print on demand network

E-commerce stores connected to Gelato will now also get access to one of the fastest growing industries in the world - clothing. Gelato’s customers can now design, sell and produce clothing on demand and have their products delivered anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

“Gelato empowers every entrepreneur and creator on this planet to scale their business and reach consumers in more than 200 countries. Now our customers can easily expand their product selection with t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts,” says Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen.

Opening Up the Fast-growing Clothing Market

The $7 billion market for custom tshirt printing is expected to grow to 11 billion by 2027, according to Credence Research.

The rise in demand is driven by consumers who want to create personal products to express themselves, and more than 50 % of ecommerce sellers signing up with Gelato say that they want to sell clothing.

Many of Gelato’s customers already produce customized products such as mugs, wall art and photobooks with Gelato. With the launch of hundreds of new clothing products they can bring more value to their customers and increase revenue to their stores. Through Gelato’s global network sellers can also more easily tap into giant consumer markets like India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

“Our product expansion will not stop with clothing, that is just the beginning. Soon we are moving into merchandise and over time certain 3D printed products. Gelato will become the one-stop shop for personalized print products,” says Müller-Hansen.

Superior Quality and Sustainable Production

Gelato’s clothing collection is produced by some of the world’s most respected print facilities. By producing on-demand, sellers only produce what customers order, which prevents overproduction and waste.

“We have never compromised when it comes to product quality, and our print partners and their suppliers are carefully selected to provide consistent and superior results. We will start by producing in one location per continent and then as demand and volume grow we will expand to more locations worldwide. This is the local production model that Gelato is so well-known for, and that makes our solution faster, greener and more resilient,” says Müller-Hansen.

Clothing available for ordering in October

Gelato is currently doing a beta launch of clothing before the official launch in October. Stay tuned for more info.

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