Gelato empowers ecommerce sellers worldwide to reach 5 billion consumers

Gelato has connected its network of more than 80 print partners in 30 countries with Shopify, one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms. Through the Gelato network, more than one million Shopify merchants can now sell, produce and deliver personalized products worldwide within 72 hours.

The Shopify platform helps store owners start, run and grow their online business by providing easy access to technology that can take care of everything from graphic design to shipping.

At Gelato, we wanted to find a way that would make it easier for these store owners to produce and deliver their products without having to keep inventory, manage orders and delivery.

Local end-to-end fulfilment centres

By integrating our platform with Shopify, creators and brands can now produce and deliver personalized printed products such as wall-art, photo books, canvases, mugs and frames to their end customers through Gelato’s network.

"During the last decade our print material has reached close to 250 million people around the world, and we have built a network of more than 80 print and logistics partners, says Henrik Müller-Hansen CEO & Founder of Gelato.

"This enables us to handle everything from inventory and production to import processes and customer service," he adds.

Because Gelato has local operations and delivery in more than 30 countries we are closer to our customers. This means faster turnaround times, lower shipping costs and reduced carbon emissions, making production faster, smarter and greener.

Your Film Poster reaches 5 billion people overnight

Last week we launched our app for Shopify to give customers easy access to our network. Within a week the app was among the top five apps on Shopify, along with brands like WalMart and FedEx, and with a consistent top five-star rating.

"This company is really helping us grow. The app makes it truly easy as all orders are synced, and we can just add new products ourselves. We're so excited about printing locally around the world," say Jort Kamphius and Wessel Groenendijk, founders of Your Film Poster and one of our Shopify customers

For more information about integrating you Shopify store with Gelato, please visit our app, or email us at