Update from CEO and Founder Henrik Müller-Hansen: The next phase of Gelato

By building a global network of printers, logistics and payment partners in 80 different locations in 30 countries, Gelato can empower creators, entrepreneurs and global brands to produce personalized products smarter, faster and greener. The next phase of Gelato’s journey has now begun.

When I started Gelato, I had a dream about enabling every person to share his or her creativity. Our growth is still fuelled by this vision.

When we can choose, we all want more personalized products, and if possible have them arrive instantly, anywhere. This is what Gelato is all about.

By opening up our global network of printers and logistics partners we are now making it possible for any entrepreneur, creator or global brand to produce and deliver more of their products to consumers worldwide.

Powered by creativity

During the past years we have invested heavily in becoming a global platform company. We have gone from operating in 9 to 30 countries, including Brazil, China, India and Russia. We have moved from being a Norwegian company selling greeting cards, to offering thousands of personalized products that can reach five billion people within 72 hours.

What has enabled this global network is software: making logistics, payment and VAT management work seamlessly.

In August we are launching apparel, meaning that any brand can design their own t-shirts and hoodies and have them produced and delivered anywhere in the world. In 2021 we are planning to offer 3-D printed products.

Only our imagination limits what comes next, and it is fuelled by our customers' creativity.

Building a lasting company

The heavy lifting is done, but in order to grow rapidly, emerge in new markets and expand our products, we keep reinvesting. Since I founded Gelato in 2007, we have raised roughly NOK 500 million and invested heavily in product expansion and geographical coverage.

In 2019 these investments began paying off. Our total revenue exceeded NOK 500 million, an increase of NOK 110 million from the year before, and equal to the combined growth of the four preceding years. This year we are estimating a revenue of NOK 650 million.

Local production and reliable delivery

COVID-19 halted social and corporate gatherings, which account for a significant demand for our services. This led to a less aggressive growth rate than planned. At the same time, the pandemic has proved the value of our unequaled local network of production, logistics and payment partners.

Where other businesses experienced disruptions to their production or customer deliveries, our network proved its resilience. We decided to speed up the development and rollout of Gelato API , a software solution that enables our network to be integrated with any e-commerce platform or independent online store.

By connecting to Gelato’s network anyone can now open a store on a Monday and produce, ship and deliver personalized products worldwide by Wednesday.

Designed to scale

Our asset light network and software model supports growth without additional capital expenditure. Our significant cost reductions this year will improve profitability, already moving us towards cash-flow neutrality in 2020. During this time all of our existing investors have been tremendously supportive. They have not only invested in what Gelato is today, but what our entire team strives to become tomorrow.

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For more information, please contact:
Henrik Müller-Hansen
CEO & Founder