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Gelato 2020

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    Nationalities across 160 team members
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    Offices in 11 countries
    HQ in Oslo, Norway
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    Production locations on 4 continents
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    Of all orders were fulfilled in the same country as the customer
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A word from our founder & CEO: Rethink sustainability

Since 2007 we have been on a journey to empower anyone to share their creativity in a way that is better for the planet-and for people. We have searched for a way to enable all people to create products based upon personal taste while minimizing waste and let a new wave of global ecommerce entrepreneurs produce and distribute personalized products such as wall art, clothing, books, greeting cards, home decor and much more when and where they need it. By supporting local production and delivery we are part of transforming how people produce and distribute personalized products.

Henrik Müller-Hansen
Founder & CEO

Read more in sustainability report 2020

Sustainability at Gelato

Gelato’s approach to sustainability is to have a positive impact and take an environmental, social and economical responsibility, including governance and anti-corruption. In 2020 we defined our sustainability strategy based on stakeholder dialogues and analysis to define what matters the most for our stakeholders, Gelato and where we can have the greatest impact.

Gelato’s sustainability strategy and prioritized materiality aspects are divided into three overall strategic areas: Environment; Reduce environmental impact, Social; Positive impact on people and Governance; Act with responsibility and support eight Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategy & Highlights


Reduce environmental impact

Sustainable, local & on demand production

Environmental impact from logistics

Circular & sustainable products

Gelato's environmental footprint

Reduce environmental impact

83% of all orders were fulfilled in the same market as the customer

Swedish poster company

67% potentially saved carbon emissions by moving from central to local fulfillment

3445 km transportation distances saved on every order. Equivalent to a trip from London to Cairo

Launched recycled paper and removed plastics with our customer Canva


Positive impact on people

Tech & innovation

Entrepreneurial growth

A sustainable value chain

A great and diverse workplace

product safety

Positive impact on people

Māori community entreprenuers finding new income through a collaboration with Gelato

100s of local businesses and communities are currently supported through our production network

1000s of entrepreneurs grow their business and access a global market within minutes through the Gelato network

32 nationalities across 160 team members


Act with responsibility

Data security & privacy

Partnerships & collaboration

Transparency & ethics

Policies & guidelines

Act with responsibility

0 major data security incidents

100% of suppliers risk assessed in the Gelato Supplier Compliance Program

100% of our production and development partners have signed the Supplier Code of Conduct

UN Global Compact participant since January 2020