Our joint mission

Together with our customers we set an ambitious goal to reduce shipping distances for print materials up to 90% and print volumes up to 50% within 12 months.

We want to help our customers to reduce printing. For the things they really need to print, Gelato helps them to execute in a more efficient and eco friendly way.

90% reduced shipping distances

By moving from centralized printing, where prints are shipped from HQ to local offices around the world, to local printing and local shipping, Gelato helps global companies to reduce shipping distances up to 90%.

26% of carbon emission comes from transportation. Together, global companies and Gelato can make an effort to significantly reduce the need for global transportation. Read more about how Sapa, a global company with 23.000 employees in 30+ markets, is transforming how they work with printing.

50% reduced print volumes

Many companies today tend to decide global print volumes from headquarters, often resulting in excess printing and waste. When shifting this process to on-demand printing, companies can lower print volumes up to 50%. This has impact on environment from lower print volumes and less paper waste, but also from a cost perspective.