Brand control for global marketing teams

Gelato helps global companies to secure brand control through:

  1. A platform where all digital files can be stored, shared, edited and printed
  2. Editable templates enable brand consistency and allows for local adaptations
  3. A global print network connected to the Gelato platform backed by our quality guarantee

Centralize your digital print files

End the struggle. Managing files from various sources is time-consuming and often leads to brand inconsistency across markets.

Streamline workflows. Create, organize and distribute collateral with Gelatos software. Unlike other cloud storage solutions, our platform connects to a global network of professionals printers, enabling local production and fast deliveries.

Keep everyone aligned. Ensure that your Marketing and Sales teams access the latest brochures, reports and more, wherever they need them.

Editable templates secure consistency and allow for local adaptations

Localize your content. Enable local customization with editable templates. You can define editing rules and set up approval flows.

Easy editing. Edit files directly in the browser, no need for Adobe InDesign. Editing is also possible from your mobile device.

Order on the go. Allow colleagues to order materials on their own on any device. Orders are printed locally and delivered to more than 70 countries.

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