100% Quality Guarantee

If you are not happy with the quality of the delivered prints, we will reprint them for free. Contact us at info@gelatoglobe.com within 14 days of receiving your printed material. Please note we cannot be accountable for errors within a customer's file.

How Gelato secures quality and consistency:

Securing quality is really the core of what we do. Since printing involves chemical processes, there are so many factors that determine quality, including:

  1. Print machine
  2. Paper type
  3. Settings on the print machine
  4. The person operating the machine
  5. How the print file was designed and extracted to PDF

These are a sampling of the variables involved, even the humidity of the room affects the end result. Even if you print with the same print house, same print machine, same paper type and print file, you can get different results. Two of the most important factors are machine and paper types. We have only included HP Indigos and Xerox machines in our network, and we make sure to print on the same paper types all over the world. You will never experience 100% consistency, but with all our quality controls, we manage to close the inconsistency gap as much as possible.

What about paper?

We have learned so much about paper over the last years. As example, you have to consider data points for paper thickness, brightness, whiteness, opacity and shade. Since we never compromise on the environment, meaning we do not produce paper in one mill and then send all over the world, we find paper types around the world with similar data points on the above factors. It will never be 100% consistent, but with all the quality measurements, we do we manage to close the inconsistency gap as much as possible.