Printing in Singapore, China, India, Russia or Brazil

Many global companies struggle when managing printing for international offices. Due to complexity of finding high quality local printers, many companies end up shipping prints from headquarters. This results in high shipping costs, issues with customs, long lead times and frustrations when marketing materials do not reach events / trade shows in time.

Gelato has built a global printing solution that brings efficiency and more sustainable work processes for global companies.

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Challenges with shipping prints globally

Shipping distances.

Transportation is the second worst polluting industry, after energy, representing 26% of all carbon emission. Companies can heavily reduce shipping distances by printing locally.

Customs issues and lead time.

When companies ship prints across borders they often experience issues with customs, both in terms of costs and stalled deliveries. This results in frustration and problems when prints are delayed for trade shows and conferences.

Outdated materials.

Due to lead time and problems with shipping, companies often aim to reduce how often they ship new materials. This inevitably results in outdated marketing collateral being used, or even worse, not having marketing materials at all.

Sustainable printing.

Using uncontrolled print houses in developing countries comes with a risk that your company could break international labour laws.

How a controlled international print network reduces complexity

Local printing and shipping.

By printing locally, shipping distances can be reduced by up to 90%. Gelato has fully integrated with local printers and local shipping suppliers, enabling just in time delivery and end-to-end tracking of orders. Read how Sapa changed how they managed printing.

Quality guarantee.

The core of what Gelato delivers is quality. Printing consists of chemical processes and color consistency can never be achieved 100%, even when printing at the same print house and same print machines. By printing on the same type of print machines and paper types we are able to close the gap as much as possible. Read more about Gelato's quality guarantee..

International print network allows for local printing


We print on the same machine and paper types all over the world. Printing consists of chemical processes, 100% consistency is not achievable, but Gelato closes the gap as much as possible.

Controlled network.

Less than 20% of the print houses that apply to Gelato´s network are accepted. Today we have more than 60 print partners all over the world, all of them have been thoroughly checked. Gelato also ensures that print partners, in markets where this is needed, follows the company's CSR guidelines.

Local printing for global companies

Print locally and reduce shipping distances up to 90%. As a consequence there are no customs issues and deliveries are timely. Production usually starts 1-2 business days after ordering.

"Gelato's software, billing and logistics platform is a strong complement to the HP Indigo powered print houses. Together with Gelato we make local printers global and global companies local."

Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager Indigo Digital Press Division Hewlett Packard Inc.

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