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Interactive Webinar

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How much time do you spend looking for the latest version of your company's sales brochure? If it’s longer than it took to read this sentence then you should join us for this interactive webinar!

Tina Lee Naro will provide insights into how your company can benefit from digital print management and how to build the business case for it at your company. They’ll share key findings about pain points that companies face when it comes to managing and finding their digital content that highlight the need for print management and answer your questions about print management.

Date: Friday, September 29, 2017
Time: 10AM CET check your local time
Duration: 30 minutes

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Local printing and delivery,
reaching 70+ countries

100% brand control with editable templates,
over 100 standard formats.

Intelligent cost control features
with local currency and VAT

What we do:

  1. Local printing and shipping - reaching 70+ markets
  2. Reduce complexity by digitizing work processes
  3. 100% brand control of your digital files and printed materials


  1. Reduce shipping distances up to 90%
  2. Print on-demand and reduce print volumes up to 50%
  3. Let software reduce complexity and save admin time
  4. Reduce your company carbon footprint