Environmental printing

Our mission is to reduce your print volume by 50%
and cut your shipping distances by 90%.

Global network for print

We have local production in nearly 30 countries. Through our local printing and shipping partners we distribute to 70+ countries.

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Brand control

Organize all your brand files in one central location for quick access, painless search and easy editing.

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Carbon footprint

Once you get used to print-on-demand with rapid delivery, you print less but more often. Less waste and paper used.

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Digitize print management.

Gelato uses technology to bring sharing economy principles to the global printing industry, aiming to make it more efficient and eco-friendly.

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Quality guarantee

Securing quality is really the core of what we do. So we keep it simple: 100% refund if you're not happy with our quality.

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8,000,000+ orders

We started as optimalprint.com and have evolved into the world's most advanced print cloud.