Why Gelato exists

We're here to democratize the world of printing.

We want to enable everyone to access creativity - their own, yours or others – in the printed format. Connecting printers from all countries on our planet to a print cloud – open to everyone.

We believe that "collaborative consumption" can be the positive consequence of a "sharing economy". We believe in sharing fixed assets – in our case sharing of print machines. And in allowing excess capacity to be intelligently allocated.

Sharing permits owners of fixed assets to monetize the underutilized assets. It offers environmentally friendly local delivery.

By applying the right technology, people no smarter than you and I can still solve hard problems. Establishing an intelligent allocation of print files across our planet – that is a hard problem. This has the potential to improve things for you and me.

We saw a need for a different kind of solution. We knew it would take a different kind of company to build it.

Our Values

These values set the foundation for how we perform our work and conduct ourselves.


We are who we are. Nothing more, nothing less.

As a brand (or as people) we never try to be anything we are not. Which is the reason we never need to exaggerate or dress ourselves up. We always say it as it is, straight to the point. We see no differences between people and people in our organization. Hierarchies do not exist. We battle over ideas, never over prestige. We know what we don’t know. Which makes us honest and humble – yet have great confidence in what we do.

These are all consequences of only hiring the best and brightest people in the world. People who all want to make that world better.


Everything we do, aims to make things better. To change things.

We want to improve people's possibilities of communicating and sharing their feelings via printed matters and on-line. We want to make the printing industry more efficient. We want to improve companies’ abilities to control their brand. We want to reduce the effect the printing industry has on the environment. We want to make it easier for organizations, companies and individuals to make their voices heard in order to make the world more transparent and tolerant. Making it a bit of a better place.

To drive change, we do things. We are executional ninjas. We are problem solvers. We constantly shape the stones. However hard or big they may be. Because change will only come from focus and hard work.


We have no reason to make enemies.

We are truly a part of the global society, citizens of the world who make no difference between people and people, man or woman, black or white, religion or religion. We see no borders. We believe in making friends with everybody who wants to make friends with us. (And even with those who don’t). We are friends of sustainability. We prioritize the collective rather than the individual.

Because the greater good is better than the smaller one. Still, we are just as much realists as idealists. We are in business to make profit. Otherwise we couldn’t afford to do anything good.


Nothing great comes easy.

Time is a crucial ingredient in the recipe of creating true value. No matter what that value might be. Valuable relationships, products that deliver value to our customers, share holder value, creating beauty. And time it takes to contribute to the undisputed value of democratising the world. Creating value is all about endurance.

That’s why we think hasty conclusions are the most dangerous thing there is. Why we detest short cuts. Long term user value has to originate from a vision. And fulfilling our global vision takes brutal discipline and focus – long-term.

Over 40% of the global industrial wood harvest is used to make paper

Print-on-demand with rapid delivery makes customers of Gelato print less but more often.
Less paper used and less waste.

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