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Glocal? How to control your brand centrally while letting your teams customize locally

Give your local marketing teams the flexibility they need, while still ensuring the key features of your brand stay the same

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4 pitfalls to avoid as a CMO

To make your career take off and see your company flourish, here are four pitfalls to avoid

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Why 90 and 50 will make a huge difference when managing your marketing material

International printing is complex and come with many challenges. All of them can be solved with a 3rd generation print management solution

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How do you ensure identical colors when printing your logo in different continents?

All CMOs recognize the importance of consistent branding. But when trying to reproduce your logo in different countries uniformity is an impossible task.

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5 things you need to know before choosing your DAM solution

A DAM software helps you to simplify and organise your company´s brand assets. But there are many things to consider before making your final choice.

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What to think about when ordering printed marketing material in China

Gelato Globe has launched its brand and print management services in China. This is what you need to think about when ordering prints in the country

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The 5 Burning Questions a CMO Should Ask About Brand Control

To ensure your branding and printing is optimized toward being as efficient as possible, ask yourself these five questions

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Why printing is a waste of your time

Printing accounts for just 15% of the total cost of the print process. Admin accounts for a staggering 60%. Why are we wasting so much time?

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The "magpie effect" – are CMOs being distracted by shiny new technology?

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How to improve the relationship between the marketing and finance teams

CFOs are highly influential members of the c-suite and can make powerful marketing allies… or enemies. Here is how you can improve the relationship.

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Why CMOs have the shortest tenures and the importance of making the most of your time!

According to new research, the average CMO tenure in the US is just 4.1 years, which is 1.2 years lower than the c-suite average.

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Naming: Why Gelato?

What does ice cream have to do with printing? As a matter a fact – quite a lot. Our name conveys our vision of bringing colors to our industry.