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Bribes, delays, and disasters: shipping prints globally is risky

Sending prints across borders is a big business risk and costly as well

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The 5 potential print pitfalls

To determine the true cost, the complete value chain needs to be considered; from design, creation, translation, file management, storage, shipping...

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The power of color

Color plays a huge role in purchasing behaviour. 60-90 percent of snap judgements are based on color alone.

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Marketing secrets: Unlock the hidden efficiencies of your printing process

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China’s big pollution crackdown

The Chinese government is proactively regulating environmental laws and is taking tough action on those failing to meet emission requirements

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The 4 questions newly appointed marketers should ask about print

Quick wins for new joiners are often found in existing processes that can be digitized and improve organizational efficiencies

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Print partners on the advantages of Gelato

This is why it make sense to be part of the global print cloud of Gelato

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A template for success: Don’t let marketing efforts go to waste

Gelato supports editable templates that can be customized, helping companies to localize their marketing material

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The role of print marketing in a digital world

The rise of digital printing has given marketers the ability to carry out small, targeted on-demand print runs

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What to think about when ordering printed marketing material in China

This is what you need to consider when ordering printed collateral in China

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Sustainability reporting - changes and chances

With new regulations in place, around 6,000 companies across Europe are required to publish sustainability reports in 2018.

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The challenge with shipping marketing material and why it’s better to leapfrog customs altogether

With Gelato's software companies can avoid all the pain points associated with shipping marketing collateral across the globe

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Henrik Müller-Hansen, founder and CEO, featured in the Oslo Business Forum podcast

The Oslo Business Forum has interviewed our founder and CEO, Henrik Müller-Hansen as part of its ‘Those who built the new Norway’ podcast series.

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What to think about when ordering printed marketing material in India

This is what you need to know before you order marketing material in one of the world’s largest countries

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The 3 key components of Total Cost of Printing

‘Price per print’ is often the most obvious, but not the best, starting point when evaluating commercial print options.

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Could the ‘last mile’ become the ‘only mile’?

Do the owners of the infrastructure around this ‘last mile’ have to allow others to use it, and if so, under what conditions?

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Marketing nightmares: when your company’s rebrand takes a year to complete

Despite the obvious benefits of rebranding, a typical company’s marketing department would not have the tools to effect change quickly enough

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What to think about when ordering printed marketing material in Russia

For marketers looking to distribute their marketing materials in Russia, there are a number of things to consider

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The 5 most important aspects of customer service at Gelato

While the core principles of effective customer service remain consistent, new technology is forever improving the methods of delivery


Sapa’s thoughts on their environmental goals and working with Gelato

The Gelato team had the chance to sit down with Hilde Kallevig, VP External Communications at Sapa, to discuss our collaboration.

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What to think about when ordering printed marketing material in Brazil

For marketers looking to distribute their marketing materials in one of the world’s largest countries, there are a number of things to consider

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Glocal? How to control your brand centrally while letting your teams customize locally

Give your local marketing teams the flexibility they need, while still ensuring the key features of your brand stay the same

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4 pitfalls to avoid as a CMO

To make your career take off and see your company flourish, here are four pitfalls to avoid

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Why 90 and 50 will make a huge difference when managing your marketing material

International printing is complex and come with many challenges. All of them can be solved with a 3rd generation print management solution

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How do you ensure identical colors when printing your logo in different continents?

All CMOs recognize the importance of consistent branding. But when trying to reproduce your logo in different countries uniformity is an impossible task.

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5 things you need to know before choosing your DAM solution

A DAM software helps you to simplify and organise your company´s brand assets. But there are many things to consider before making your final choice.

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A lesson from Gelato’s expansion into China

Gelato Globe has launched its brand and print management services in China. Here are a few lessons learnt

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The 5 Burning Questions a CMO Should Ask About Brand Control

To ensure your branding and printing is optimized toward being as efficient as possible, ask yourself these five questions

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Why printing is a waste of your time

Printing accounts for just 15% of the total cost of the print process. Admin accounts for a staggering 60%. Why are we wasting so much time?

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The "magpie effect" – are CMOs being distracted by shiny new technology?

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How to improve the relationship between the marketing and finance teams

CFOs are highly influential members of the c-suite and can make powerful marketing allies… or enemies. Here is how you can improve the relationship.

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Why CMOs have the shortest tenures and the importance of making the most of your time!

According to new research, the average CMO tenure in the US is just 4.1 years, which is 1.2 years lower than the c-suite average.

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Naming: Why Gelato?

What does ice cream have to do with printing? As a matter a fact – quite a lot. Our name conveys our vision of bringing colors to our industry.